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Terms and Conditions

This website is operated by Viagenza and along the page, the words “we”, “us”, “our” and “ours” refer too Viagenza as well as the web platform, information, web tools and all the services available for you. The user must accept terms, conditions, policies and notices presented here.

When you visit and purchase any Viagenza products, you commit with our service and you agree with the terms and conditions, including the additional terms and conditions and referents policies in this documents or any hyperlinks. This conditions are applied to all the users of the website, including web browsers, providers, customers, traders and content collaborators.


Use of the website

As a condition of your use of this website, you declare:

  1. You are at least 18 years old.
  2. You have authority for creating a legal obligation requiring.
  3. You’ll use this website according with the present Terms and conditions.
  4. You’ll use this website to book in a legal and transparent manner with your legal name.
  5. You’ll inform to all those involved in the Terms and conditions, about the reservations that you made with your legal name.
  6. All the information that you give in this website is real and complete.


We reserve the right (according with our sole discretion) to deny the access to any person in this website and all our services at any moment and for any reason, including the violation to the present Terms and conditions.


Prohibited activities

The content and information of this website (including but not limited to the price and travel services) as well as the infrastructure used to supply them is property of Viagenza and our providers. Although you can make limited copies of your itinerary and related documents for hotel reservations or services of this website, you accept you won’t modify, copy, distribute, communicate, display, present, reproduce, publish, authorize, alter, transfer, sale or resell any information, software, products or services obtained through this website. Also, you accept you won’t:


  1. Use this web site and its content for any commercial purpose.
  2. Execute false or fake reservations.
  3. Access, control or copy any content or information about this website using bots, spiders, hackers or any digital tools without written permission.
  4. Violate any restriction about the bots exclusion or the limited use for this website.
  5. Take any action that imposes an irrational charge in our infrastructure.
  6. Execute a deep link to any part of this website, including the purchase route for any service or product without a written permission.
  7. “Frame”, “reflect” or include any part of www.viagenza.com to another website without our prior permission.


If your reservation or account presents evidences of fraud, abuse or suspicious activity, Viagenza can suspend any reservation or service associated with your name, personal e-mail or account; and close any account associated of Viagenza. If you’ve done any fraudulent activity, Viagenza reserves the right to take legal actions and you’ll be responsible of any pecuniary loss of Viagenza, including the costs and damages for litigation.


Immediate payment details or subsequent payment

You have the option of immediate payment online or subsequent payment in the Check-In. If you select the option “Confirm and deposit through PayPal”, Viagenza will charge you the amount in your credit/debit card and, as soon as possible, an executive will contact you to confirm your purchase and send the coupons through e-mail, which you’ll ought to show printed in the Check-In.


Foreign Tourists

You are responsible to fulfill all the income requirements for foreigners and you have your documents in order such as valid passports, visas (for working, tourism or any type) and others requirements for your income. Viagenza has no special knowledge related with all the income requirement already mentioned or traveler documents.


Passport and Visa


You must consult this information with your Embassy or Consulate. The requirements can change and you have to verify the updated information before reserving or departing. We don’t take responsibility if you can’t income to the flight or destination because you have not your documents in order, required for your travel, for the airline or authorized for the government (in this case, the Mexican government).


By offering reservations for products, Viagenza don’t guarantee the experience to the destinations be recommendable or without its risk and is not responsible for damages or loss of your belongings during the tours.



Information, software, products and all the service published on this website can include inaccuracies, mistakes and pricing errors. In particular, Viagenza enterprises and members don’t guarantee the accuracy and disclaim any responsibility for mistakes or inaccuracies about the information and services shown in this website (including prices, photos, general descriptions, etc.). In addition, Viagenza reserves the right to correct any error in prices along the website or pending reservations made with a wrong price. In this case, we can offer the possibility of keeping your reservation in pending mode or canceling it without penalty.


Viagenza enterprises, members and providers don’t execute any representation about the adequacy of information, software, products and services included in this website for any propose and the inclusion or offer of any product-service on this website don’t constitute any kind of promotion or recommendation of these products or services from Viagenza enterprises or members. This information, software products and services are offered “the way they are” without any kind of guarantee. Viagenza enterprises, members and providers, in the present contract, will renounce to all the guarantees and conditions related with this information, software, products and services, including all the guarantees and conditions implicates of merchantability, suitability for a particular response, title and no violation.

Viagenza enterprises and members reserve the right not to be responsible for the actions, mistakes, omissions, representations, guarantees, violations or negligence of any provider; neither any personal injury, death, damage of property or any other consequential damages or expenses. Viagenza enterprises and members take not responsibility and they won’t make a refund in cases out of our direct control. In the same way, we aren’t responsible for any expense, omission, delay, chance of route or any government or authority’s actions.





You accept to defend and compensate Viagenza enterprises and members or any respective providers and any provider’s officials, directors, employers and agents against any claim, action’s causes, demands, refunds, losses, damages, penalty or any other kind or nature of cost or expense, including, among others, legal or accounting tariffs made by a third party resulting from you:

  1. Violating these Terms and conditions or any documents referenced here.
  2. Violating any third party’s law or right.
  3. Misusing this website.



Third party’s links


This website could contain hiperlinks to websites operated by third party. These hiperlinks are offered only as a reference. We don’t control these websites, neither we are responsible for the content, privacy or other actions. Also it’s your decision to take care and feeling confidence that the links you select or the software you download (belonging to this site or any other website) are free of virus, worms, Trojans, defects and other elements of a destructive nature. Our inclusion of the hiperlinks at these websites doesn’t implicate any approbation of these website’s material or any other association with their operators.



Modifications of service and costs


Our product’s costs are subject to chance, without any modification. We reserve the right of change or interrupt the service (or any content’s part) at any time. We don’t take responsibility for you or any third party for modifications, cost’s changes and service’s suspension or interruption.


Help service


To additional information, you contact us through e-mail: hola@viagenza.com, write to our chat at the website or call us: 01 (33) 8526 1449