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Pirate Land Day tour

Pirates of the Bay night tour -Marigalante-

Live an amazing pirate’s battle, all the nights in front of the Vallarta’s boardwalk. You’ll watch the swords shining between pirate acrobatic fights, disengaging from ropes, bombarding the town with canyons and making explode the powder under a hail of fireworks that will make you feel part of this brave spectacle. You’ll sail on board […]

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Pirates of the Bay tour

Pirate Land Day tour -Marigalante-

Do you want to live an incredible experience with pirates, delicious food and incredible activities in a beautiful beach? Well… This is for you! Enjoy of a day full of fun, living like a corsair on the shores of the Pacific. In addition to navigating in an amazing pirate ship, you can snorkel in Majahuitas […]

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